Birth place of aviation and land of numerous aviation inventions. USA has the largest aviation industry in world and also leads the flight training segment. With over 5000 public airports the quantum of aviation in USA is incomparable to any other country. The country has a very well developed Air Traffic Control system and practices safety at the highest standards

USA by large is the most preferred training location across the world among all nationalities. With more than 1000 training schools the candidate has the choice to select an appropriate institute- flight training in USA can be cost and time effective. Especially in state like Florida- the sunshine state. South Florida has the best weather conditions ensuring access to continuous training through out the year. Flight schools in Florida are able to offer cheaper training packages as the gas prices are among the lowest in the country and also because it has minimum wages lower than many states. Training personnel too are ready available in the USA. Various factors put together create a favourable condition for the aspirant aviator- high quality training at a lower expense and lesser time period.

Under the Part 141 of FAA CPL program a candidate can get a license in 190hrs and under Part 61 in 250hrs. Due to the difference in requirements, both these programs need to be modified to meet the Indian DGCA specifications. Strange as it may sound but unless the program’s configuration is changed, 250 hrs flown under the FAA Part 61 does not fulfill the conditions of DGCA’s 200 hrs.

For the benefit of our candidates, Star Educare has designed an Indian Professional Pilot Program, wherein, the FAA and DGCA requirements are met simultaneously. This program ensures that the candidate does not require any extra training to meet the Indian essentials, hence keeping the training cost and time under control. The program has been formatted bearing in mind the industry standards and the Airbus requirements.

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