South Africa

A country, relatively, lesser known for its flight training has much to offer in this segment.

South Africa all through the year has a moderate weather, no grey winters and no scorching summers. Moderate weather condition is a prime requirement for a continuous training. Our full course i.e. CPL with Multi Rating can be completed in 12-14 months period. South Africa for a long time has been a training ground for other countries in the African Continent and has a developed very strong training bases.

There are more than 100 flight schools across South Africa and few of them have very impressive infrastructure. The flight schools in the country follow the European flight training patterns and formed a high quality comprehensive training program wherein practical and theory trainings are given equal attention.

Our training facility located in Johannesburg uses with C172s and Piper Seneca, both the aircraft recognised by the DGCA (India). A very important point to be noted is that a South African CPL can be issued in 180hrs i.e. less than the Indian requirements. To overcome any conversion related issues, Star Educare has a designed an 220hrs Indian Professional Pilot Program meeting the DGCA and the industry requirements.

The consequence of weak Rand (South African currency) and lower living expenses is that our South African flight training program is the most cost effective program comparing to our other facilities.

Another benefit of training at our facility in South Africa is being a common wealth country the South African radio telephony license (RTR) can be converted to an Indian RTR with out appearing for any examinations. Overall South Africa is a very good location for flight trainee candidates as it offers quality training at lower cost and high living standards.

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