Visa Processing

A very important aspect of training in a foreign country is acquiring the visa. Dreams are shattered when the candidate is refused/rejected a Student Visa especially by countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand and more. For the benefit of our students- their goals and aspirations, we at Star Educare put great emphasis on the visa application process. With our experience of more than a decade and trained staff we have been very successful with respect to getting visa(s) for our candidates.

Housing / Accommodation

One of the apprehensions about going a school in a foreign country can be arranging for a clean, safe and affordable housing. A comfortable living environment is key to proper learning.

The team of Star Educare regularly travels to all of our partnered training locations not to access just the

training facilities and standards but also the housing/accommodation services and availabilities. At all of our locations we have shortlisted a number of accommodation providers of whom the candidate can choose.

The candidate has the freedom to make his/her own housing arrangements. This service is on demand and the candidate will have to request for it alt least 15 days before arriving to the destination.