Flying is every human’s dream, only few pursue…….

Learn N Earn

Under the Learn N Earn program a candidate obtains a FAA- ATPL with 2000+ hours of flight experience. Unlike the conventional CPL program offered by US flight schools wherein the candidate is compelled return to India after completion of the training. Our Learn N Earn Program gives the opportunity to our students to stay in USA upto 24 months after the completion of CPL.

Indian Aviation is growing at a very impressive rate hence, creating vacancies in all its segments- Pilots too. The airlines around the world too hire pilots from India too, which creates additional vacancies. Despite the fact that the aviation across the world is offering a lucrative and a promising career, many aspiring individuals shy away due to the high cost of training, competition involved and uncertainties.

Flight training is an expensive affair. From 0 to a job with an airline (CPL + Type Rating) the cost can vary from INR 50 to 60 Lakhs. A few families who can afford also opt for an airline cadet program costing over INR 1.2Cr.

The initial (ab initio) training gets a trainee 200-250 hrs of flight training i.e. minimum requirements for CPL issuance. Just out of a training centre these candidates are considered as low time, unexperienced or CPL holders with 0 hours. Across the globe these aspiring aviation enthusiasts have lesser significance as the eligibility to apply with an airline is minimum 1500hrs of flight experience and higher grade of license i.e. Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). The general aviation in these countries allows such candidates to work on smaller aircraft and gather hours.

General aviation segment is very limited in India due to which CPL holders do not get access to paid experience as such opportunities are negligible. It is financially not feasible to pay and build these hours. Airlines, everywhere, in India too, prefer to hire candidates with a substantial experience. Due to lack of such candidates and to meet the demand of the growth, the airlines resort to hire CPL holders with no experience. To hire a proficient candidate(s) the airlines follow a very competitive and stringent selection procedure. It has been witnessed that many candidates apply in various airlines and companies and at times wait for long periods before they are selected.

Our Learn N Earn creates a unique opportunity for the candidate to undergo not only the training but to work and gain the flight experience. During this period the candidate shall be issued with a work permit allowing them to work as Flight/ Ground Instructor and get paid as per the industry standards. In total duration of three years a dedicated and hard working candidate can earn all the expenses made towards training, boarding and lodging.

Advantages of holding a FAA ATPL with couple thousand hours of flight experience:

  • In a handful cases, candidates have been hired in an USA based airline and sponsored a work visa for long term job contract.
  • Lack of qualified personnel airlines in many countries ( e.g. Gulf, Latin America, Vietnam, Indonesia, African countries and more….) applications from foreign nationals holding FAA ATPL for the position of Senior First Officer accepted. Successful individuals need not return to India for conversion of FAA CPL to DGCA CPL.
  • On returning back to India, the candidate will convert its FAA license directly to DGCA ATPL. Holders of DGCA ATPL with 2000+ flight hours have prominence with the airlines and other aviation companies.
  • When hired on the basis of ATPL, Type Rating expenses are borne by the airline.