Ground Classes


In the Flight Training theoretical studies or the Ground Classes bears a very important role. 200 hrs of aircraft training alone is not sufficient for a candidate to hone the skills of flying. Ground Classes a play very vital role for a trainee pilot.

Clearing DGCA papers requires proper guidance and tutoring. Our classes are conducted by trained and experienced Instructors. Covering all the subjects of DGCA namely- Air Navigation, Meteorology, Air Regulation, Technical (General) Technical (Specific).

Classes are conducted for 6-7 hours a day Monday to Friday. Our aim is to provide conceptual learning to our students. The target is not to just clear the DGCA papers but to impart knowledge that should stay with the student for long.

DGCA conducts examinations every 3 months. At our centre our goal is to prepare the student well enough so paper is cleared in the first attempt. Our teaching module is designed so that entire course is taught and revised in 10 weeks.

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Radio Telephony Restricted

The cockpit crew requires this license is required to communicate with the ground staff. In most of the countries with the RTR(A) the CPL is not issued. In India, RTR(A) is very important and is issued by WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination). There are two ways of obtaining RTR:

1. WPC conducts RTR examination once every two months. This examination is conducted at two levels i.e. Part 1, Regulations and Procedures and Part 2, the viva. Both the levels have to be cleared in one attempt.

2. When a candidate trains in a Common Wealth Country like South Africa, Canada, New Zealand etc., the RTR issued in these country is converted into a RTR permit with out undergoing any examinations.

As RTR examination can be demanding and tricky, Star Educare conducts comprehensive preparation classes before each attempt.

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